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Diet matters, even in Narcolepsy

Did you know that diet actually matters, even in Narcolepsy? 

Yes it’s a chronic neurological disease, but diet plays an important role.

Just like any person might get sleepy after a big meal (aka a “food coma”), we will too, but this hits us more severly.

You can actually manage your sleepiness through keeping your blood sugar in balance. Because when blood sugar goes up, the orexin that we already have too little of, goes down, and that causes sleepiness.

And the opposite, avoiding blood sugar spikes, can work as an alertness pill. 

This is where the low carb diet comes in. Restricting the amount of carbohydrates you get in a day, allows you to stay as sharp as you can, while still getting all the important nutrition you need without walking around hungry.

I am here to help you get started with a diet that will energize you and satisfy you

Nutrition coaching 1:1


3 months

Explore how good you can feel on an energising diet, customised to your needs and desires. We focus on the diet and getting it to work in your life with a positive mindset.

Price: €175 / month


6 months

For long term success, so you don’t give up, even when you pass the initial ”honey moon” phase. This is for you who truly want to make this a lifestyle, so you can keep feeling good and enjoy a life full of energy.

Price: €150 / month


9 months

For you who want to maximise life and have ambitious goals. Whether it be to run a marathon or to get your dream career. We put more emphasis on your dreams and goals.

Price: €125 / month

This is for you if you are…

What you get


BONUS #1 Keto Foods list 
Making your grocery shopping easy

BONUS #2 Printable One pager 
What foods to enjoy & avoid

BONUS #3 Carb Replacements 
A list with suggestions on how to replace carbs in simple ways

BONUS #4 Narcolepsy Journal
Track your progress daily over time

My transformation

In my first years of Narcolepsy I was a teenager who fell asleep all the time (surprise). In school, at the dinner table, while talking to a friend, you name it. 

This was such a horrible time, because even when I got the diagnosis and some medication, I was still falling asleep – and NO ONE understood me. 

Luckily, my mom convinced me to try this diet she had read about online. A protocol for a strict low carb diet, that we followed in detail. Well, tbh I didn’t have much choice, my mom made the decision for me (I can tell you I wasn’t too excited to stop eating bread, candy and pasta). But it didn’t take long before I changed my mind. The effect was so obvious I couldn’t deny it. 

After being on the diet for 1 week, we were exploring a city. And after walking around a whole day, for 8 hours, we realised that I had been awake and alert for the whole time. 8 hours!! Walking around cities used to be one of the worst things before. 

So I understood I had to keep this diet going. I could not NOT do it. It made me feel alive again. In control of my condition. Not cured, but much much better. 

So one year later, I decided to stop medicating. The diet + coffee had the same effect as the medication (or better) and it actually felt like a much better option for me, long term. It was a healthy & natural way of managing the daytime sleepiness and it made me feel empowered and in control of my situation. 

So here I am today, 10 years later, living a great life and NOT suffering of Narcolepsy. I still have it and I do fall asleep sometimes. But it’s way more manageable, the sleep attacks are way more rare and less severe when they do come.

Here are some examples of things I have enjoyed doing thanks to the diet:

  • Partied a lot, sometimes until 7AM
  • Hosted student parties requiring 12+ hours work sessions
  • Traveled to many places in the world
  • Completing my Engineering degree
  • Working full time at an office (I had such anxiety around this when I was a student)
  • Talk to my friends without falling asleep mid conversation


With that said, mindset & diet can do wonders – even for people with Narcolepsy!

How to sign up

Step 1

Book a Free call where we explore how I can help you

Step 2

Sign up for the coaching you want, from a 3 to a 9 month period.

Step 3

On the date we agreed, Start your journey to an energized life. 

My Education

M.Sc Engineering Biomedicine at Lund University (Graduated 2020)

Certified Nutritionist at Bergklint Education (2023)

My Experience

Probiotics, Microbiome, Autoimmunity
Immunology and human physiology and more courses included in my degree

Research Assistant in the field of Probiotics (2021)

Master Thesis in the field of Probiotics (2020)

Research project in Immunotechnology (2019)

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